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People are always asking if our horseshoes will really bring them good luck. To my way of thinking it is obvious because the luck is what brought them to our horseshoe in the first place.  

If you wonder how we get the luck into each shoe please watch our "explain all" video where we go deep behind the scenes for an intrinsic look into the making of a Lucky Horseshoe. 

Warning-May contain graphic and sensitive material that may not be suitable for all viewers. Must be 4 years of age or older. To view simply copy and paste the following link.

Legal-We take old shoes and utilizing a proprietary system, clean them up, inject the luck, then package it with two specialty horseshoe nails (that guy never falling on someone's head).  The card backing reads:

Hang your horsehoe

above your door

and your life will

never be a bore.

Put the points up

and all your days you'll

have good luck



 Note-The card backing is available  " en francais aussi! "