Heated Undershirt by Thermo Chip
Heated Undershirt by Thermo Chip
Heated Undershirt by Thermo Chip

Thermo Chip

Heated Undershirt by Thermo Chip

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Our Heated Undershirt is our latest development!  Heatable underwear that fits perfectly under your leisure, sports, and everyday clothes. Since the underwear is worn directly on the body, the heating elements are particularly effective and offer you optimum protection from the cold. 

  • never freeze again
  • pleasant warmth in the knee and lower thigh area (Thermo warmers)
  • prevents cold and local tensions
  • 3 temperature levels
  • High-performance Lithium Polymer  Batteries and Charger
  • up to 5 hours of heating power
  • stretchy fabric
  • soft, skin-friendly material
  • washable

The heating elements of the undershirt are located in the back and kidney area and radiate over the entire back. 

The batteries of the undershirt are fixed in two pockets on the side of your upper body in the area of the arm bends so that you will not feel and notice the batteries at all. The power button is located at the end of the left sleeve, so you can operate it even when wearing a shirt, sweater or jacket over it

Our undershirt is made of wearer-friendly elastic material that fits close to the skin. Therefore it can be used for sports and all outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, walking, ice skating, motorcycling, sailing, horse riding, gliding, hunting, etc. The heating elements of the warmers are located in the knee and thigh and radiate heat out into the entire leg area.  Like all Thermo Chip clothing and accessories, this product can be washed.

Thermo Undershirt has 3 different temperature levels with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C.

The heat lasts between 2 and 5 hours depending on which temperature level you select. The supplied batteries are high-performance lithium polymer batteries that have no memory effect and can be recharged up to 500 times. In addition, a battery weighs just 59 grams each, light enough to want to carry a second pair!

This year, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to any of our new line of undergarments (Undershirt, Underpants, and heated hood.