Foxhound-Kennel Club Dogs*

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Foxhound-Kennel Club Dogs*

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The English foxhound is friendly to people and considered good with children, but this dog likes to be in the company of other dogs even better, preferably running around outside. This dog is an active, athletic and energetic one that is happiest in the country with plenty of room to run. The English foxhound does not do well in an apartment.

This dog has tremendous endurance; he can trot through the countryside for many hours without stopping. The English foxhound's passion for hunting and finding the source of an interesting scent may prompt him to wander. English foxhounds bred for fieldwork generally do not make good house pets, because they are too active and hunting oriented to settle for dozing at the family hearth. Show dogs are considered better pets, as long as they receive sufficient physical and mental exercise.

 Our Foxhound  figurine has been meticulously hand painted.  It measures 4"  1/2 " x 2 " x 2 " (L x W x H). He proudly sports a silver colored chain necklace with a tag in the shape of a bone with the letters " K C " depicting its membership in our Kennel Club.